Traditional Feast held in Viking, Alberta

By samsoncree
In April 16
Jul 4th, 2016

On Saturday June 11th, the Confederacy of Treaty 6 Nations and SCN Consultation Office attended a Feast in Viking, Alberta for a young ancestor. She was a young Indigenous girl aged 16 – 22 and her remains were dated to the early 1800s. She was buried with over 4000 beads, 31 brass buttons, & 7 brass rings. As well as several turquoise and white beads. Based on what she was buried with, she was of prominent status. The human remains were found in August 2015 on the Rozmahal farm by Brian Rozmahal as he was checking his crops. The Rozmahal family went to great lengths to make sure she was reburied in accordance with our Cultural and Traditional Protocols. Thank you to the Rozmahel Family for ensuring she was treated with respect and allowed her to be reburied close to her original resting spot. Chief Kurt Buffalo and Councillors Shannon Buffalo, Glenda Swampy, Willy Lightning and Larron Northwest of Samson Cree Nation were pleased to join AFN Regional Chief Makinaw and Treaty 6 Elders, Metis Nations Representatives and the Mayor and MLA of Viking in honouring the Rozmahel Family.