Restorative Justice Program

Feb 10th, 2014


Restorative justice invites the victims of crime and the community to participate in a process of dealing with offenders and repairing the harm caused by the offender.It is an all-inclusive approach to healing and repairing those valuable relationships, complimented by the sacred circle from our rich Cree culture.

Within restorative practice we involve the victim/person harmed, offender/wrong doer, community, and Elders to the circle to work together in resolving the conflict whether personal, work related, criminal, and school related.   Restorative practice is a resource to community members to open up the communication lines and become accountable for the wrong that has been done, or ’right the wrong that has been done’.

The restorative justice program receives referrals form the judicial court, RCMP, community agencies, or community members.  We provide: restorative justice circles which are specific to Extra-judicial Sanctions (EJS) or Alternative Measures Program (AMP); restorative practice using case conferences, talking circles or healing circles to assist fellow community members in resolving conflict or coming to an agreement.

The restorative justice program also offers informational workshops.  These workshops are not certified.  The free informational workshops provided:

  • Kisteymowin (Respect), a lateral violence workshop that helps participants become aware of what lateral violence is.  2 hours long consisting of a video, discussion, and group exercises.
  • Restoring Harmony is a workshop that shows participants the difference between restorative justice and the criminal justice system.  2 hours consisting of discussion, role playing, and group exercise.
  • Poneyihtomowin is a forgiveness workshop thatfocuses on the need and importance of forgiving.  We do group work, learn how powerful our thoughts are, and engage in small discussions.

There are more workshops in development so please stay tuned.  Each workshop has a 5 minute evaluation to help improve the presentation and information provided.

These workshops are held at our office within the SCN building.  They can also be brought to the local departments or agencies, if you are interested please contact me to book a workshop.

Erica Johnson – Restorative Justice Coordinator
Phone: (780) 585-3793 ext. 156
Fax: (780) 585-2104