NITOHTAMOK: a youth zine

By samsoncree
In April 16
Jul 25th, 2018


Tansi my name is Maria Buffalo and I was a Samson Summer Student at Communications Department all July. I enjoyed my time here as my passion is in visual media/arts and graphic design. This zine was my project for the month and I sought to release it in tandem with the newsletter, bi-weekly. I collaborated with my fellow Summer Students, as much as they would allow. I hope you enjoy reading my zine as much as I enjoyed creating it.





ZINE VOL 1 to post ZINE VOL 1 to post2 ZINE VOL 1 to post3 ZINE VOL 1 to post4 ZINE VOL 1 to post5 ZINE VOL 1 to post6 ZINE VOL 1 to post7 ZINE VOL 1 to post8 ZINE VOL 1 to post9 ZINE VOL 1 to post10 ZINE VOL 1 to post11ZINE VOL 1 to post12

ZINE VOL 2 to post ZINE VOL 2 to post2ZINE VOL 2 to post3 ZINE VOL 2 to post4 ZINE VOL 2 to post5 ZINE VOL 2 to post6 ZINE VOL 2 to post7 ZINE VOL 2 to post8 ZINE VOL 2 to post9 ZINE VOL 2 to post10 ZINE VOL 2 to post11 ZINE VOL 2 to post12