Maskwacis Donation Drive

By samsoncree
In April 16
Jun 1st, 2016

The Maskwacis Cree banded together to Support the Treaty 8 First Nations displaced by the Fort McMurray WildFire. The Maskwacis Donation Drive was started because we heard about all the support the First Nations like Mikisew Cree, Fort McKay, Athabasca Chipewyan, Chipewyan Prairie First Nation, Fort McMurray FN did before they were evacuated and what they did to support
the evacuees. Through Social Media we heard they needed support to feed and house the influx of People from Fort Mac Murray, and not only that, we also heard that the Northern Stores which they rely on were running out of food. The Maskwacis Donation Drive was established to let them know that first nations were behind them.  The donation drive gave many individuals and the Maskwacis Community the opportunity to show support and that they care.  Kudos going out to other First Nations communities such as Beaver Lake and Heart Lake first Nations that also assisted Evacuees.  The Maskwacis Donation Drive received incredible Donations, and are very appreciative, We ran the donation drive from May 6 – 9, 2016, with the delivery to the Treaty 8 Sub-Office in Edmonton on May 10, 2016.

Thank you to the following Families and Maskwacis Business for your incredible generosity and support for Fort Mac evacuees: Chief Kurt Buffalo all SCN Depts, NEA, Gary Littlechild, Roxanne Morin, Heather Buffalo, Joy Bear, Tessa Crane & Brody Omeasoo, Roy Crane, Angelica & Rain Majestic Memnook, Tijua Omeasoo, Morningglory Omeasoo, Leslie Crane, Shawn Buffalo, Brody Lightning, Darwin & Gladys Soosay, Victor Buffalo, families like the Erika Ratzlaff family who came down from Edmonton to make a donation. Clifford Potts, Centennial School in Wetaskiwin,
Kasohkowew Child and Wellness Society, Wetaskiwin Public Schools, and Queen E. School FNMI, Ermineskin NGCI, Samson Cree Central Registry, Samson Friendship Centre, Danny Buffalo, Patrick Lightning, Samson Food Bank, Joanne Potts, Ermineskin Technical Services & Capital Management, Kyrin Buffalo, Elda Goodin, Ermineskin Industrial Relations, MYI, Wade Okeymow, Jerry Young, Shannon Louis Richard Coyote, Holly Johnson-Rattlesnake, Colleen F Buffalo, Dolly Rain, Maskwacis Health Services,Travis Rain, Lucy Montour, Katherine Buffalo, Suzanne Lee,
Ermineskin DayCare, Parcan Developement’s, Lucky Dollar Foods, SCN Community Innitatives, Ermineskin Fire Dept, Four Nation Arena and Staff..HAI HAI
A big thank you to all our Volunteers, you know who you are HAI HAI.   the Maskwacis Donation Drive was very moved by Everyone’s generosity, Way to go MASKWACIS
If we missed any names, we are very sorry, it was not intentional..


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