Human Resources

Sep 13th, 2013

Vision Statement
Samson Cree Nation Human Resources Training and Development is here to provide an employable and self-sufficient community

Samson Cree Nation Goal
Reduce the unemployment and dependency rate on the reserve

Who are we?
We are one the 6 nations of the Six Independent Alberta First Nations
What do we do?
Assist people that are either unemployed or underemployed in sponsoring programs that will gain the skills needed to find and secure employment.
Types of Training

Safety Tickets

Oil Field Training

Early Childhood Development


Driving Training

Various WOPs

Apprenticeship Training

Other short term training programs

Computer & Technical Programs




Sponsorship Costs


Tuition (maximum $5000.00)

Equipment/Gear (maximum $250.00)


Employment Assistance

Living allowance

Safety Ticket Reimbursement

Primary Eligibility Criteria
– Must be First Nations
– Must be a resident of the Samson Cree Nation Geographical area
– Music be unemployed or on Social Assistance

Application Procedures
– Visit us at our office (Willowview Building, Samson Reserve)
– See the staff to discuss your plans and outline your career path
– Fill out an application
– Provide information about the program you are interested in:
Letter of Acceptance
Program Information
Photocopy of IDs

Please note:

We cannot provide assistance for application fees. We also cannot help with assistance for any Canadian Government Identificaion (eg. Passport), courses or any other fees.

Human Resources contact information
Phone: (780) 585-3305
Fax: (780) 585-3355