H.O.P.E. Scholars Nationhood Tour

By samsoncree
In Sept. Nipisihkopahk Acimowin
Sep 9th, 2013

Hope ScholarsReflecting on the tour, what comes to mind is how this tour has offered so much in so many ways to so many people.  First off the students; they had their ups and downs, challenges, growing experiences by getting pushed out of their comfort zone, sharing laughs and tears with some bumps and bruises along the way.  Most importantly, the first hand learning experiences not found in any book or TV show but ones that they can truly call their own. Some also experienced failures and mistakes but through it that’s where the teachings become learning.

And finally, the friendships, these students have formed, bonds with each other that for some will last a lifetime, which is a treasure in and of itself. For the mentors, I believe it’s safe to say that each and everyone of us has grown significantly as each of us sacrificed to be on this tour because each of us believe in every one of these students and want nothing but the best for each of them.

We’ve all grown and have been challenged to model to the Students the actions and behaviors we expect them to display.  We’ve come to value each of these students and they will be in our hearts always.  Lastly, for everyone we’ve encountered along the way who have been inspired, challenged, reminded, encouraged by, and educated from our students and this nationhood tour. For this we thank first of all our Creator God, the leadership of the Maskwacis Cree, those who supported this tour, the host Nations (Westbank, Osoyoos, Yakama Nation, Navajo Nation), the parents, the family, mentors, cook, driver, and students that made HOPE Scholars Nationhood Tour 2013 the amazing journey it has been.

– H.O.P.E. Scholars Committee