Emerging Artist David C. Buffalo

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Oct 28th, 2016

I knew Dave since the swimming days in our neighborhood swimming pond, which is located on the corner of his drive, on 2 mile road on Samson Cree Nation. Dave had the artistic eye even
then, as we made our mud pies and quite the imagination to create towns and cities in the dirt of our gardens.   I share these stories, because it is important to realize what shapes an artist and the immense bravery to stay true to your roots, culture and determination.   Dave C. Buffalo’s Art Showcase is currently at the Alberta Branded Showcase in the Alberta Branded Retail Store on the Main Floor of the Edmonton Federal Building. his showcase is in the emerging artists category for his “Graffiti Tipi Series 2016”.  He currently has 17 pieces on display, with a commission for more tipi series pieces for the showcase. Dave can attest to the old adage that ‘an artist life , is not an easy life’ There were many times he wanted to quit painting, instead deciding to continue to create his art, he also stays true to his culture by following the teaching of his parents, as he incorporates smudging and prayer before he puts paint to canvas.   The showcase runs from July 31 – December 31, 2016.
Dave is the son of Late Stanley and Olive Buffalo and comes from a large family of 10, he credits his Late Mosom John Currie as his influence. Dave believes living history is important, he says “my people are my canvas, at ceremony, coffee shops, community events, or just checking the mail”. It takes No Skill to focus on what’s Wrong, It takes Skill to focus on what’s Strong”.   Dave received the application for this competition on a Tuesday, and was required to submit by Thursday in digital format.    As our interview progresses Dave talked intensively about the Application process and the determination in following the Artist applications to the letter, Dave also encourages all Artists to apply for these scholarships and contests, as it’s an integral part of showcasing your art and gaining recognition for your accomplishments.   Dave paints out of his “Earthboy” Studio, which is located on Samson Cree Nation.
Here is your opportunity to apply , go to website: www.assembly.ab.ca