Nipisihkopahk Wellness & Social Development

Sep 11th, 2013



The role of Economic Development is to initiate, develop and facilitate opportunities to enhance Samson Cree Nation’s Businesses and Tourism through information, communication, research, networking, sales and promotion.


Mission Statement

The primary approach to the development of the economic potential of the Samson Cree Nation is based on six fundamental goals:

1) To increase tourism, conventions and visitations

2) To maintain and strengthen the traditional resource based economy of the reserve

3) To support opportunities in the value added resource industries

4) To support and encourage the development of the knowledge based industries

5) To create value for the established business community

6) To encourage a positive business environment conducive to Economic Development


To encourage a positive business environment to support on-reserve initiatives that are environmentally sound in nature

To foster and encourage tourism and special events that will add to the economic benefit of our community

To strengthen the traditional resource base

To support developments in the knowledge based industry independents from our community

Eligibility Requirements
Samson Cree Nation Band Members
Must reside on Samson Cree Nation Reserve #137
Application forms are available at Samson Cree Nation Economic Development Department
Available Grants

Home-based Grant

Equity Grant

Expansion Grant

Nipisihkopahk Wellness & Social Development contact informationPhone: (780) 585-3793 ext. 264

Fax: (780) 585-3170