Community and Capital Planning

Sep 11th, 2013

Programs and services include the following: Planning and implementation to maintain and upgrade new/existing infrastructure, capital planning based on allocations received and accessed from federal and provinical governments, including industry. Ensure that departments under the Community Development pillar provide an effective and efficient integrated service to Samson Cree Nation Membership.

Water and Waste Water
Programs and services include the following: operating and maintenance to existing water and waste water infrastructure. To ensure the upgrade and maintenance to water, waste water and lagoon services. Provide training to water treatment operators to obtain certification.

Trades Centre
and services include the following: electrical, plumbing, sheet metal, carpentry and water well services. Vac Truck service for sewer back-ups and steam pressure services to residential homes.

Public Works
Programs and services include the following: road repair, garbage collection, snow removal and repairs/maintenance to existing/new equipment.

Maskwacis Fire Department
Programs and services include the following: emergency calls for residential, commercial buildings and grassfires. To ensure there is continuous maintenance and recharging of existing extinguishers, vehicle repairs and maintenance, equipment purchases and personal protective gear purchases. Fire fightning training for staff and competitions.

Natural Resources
Programs and services include the following: gas services and maintenance on existing/new sites for residential/commercial usage. Maintenance, operations and services on existing oil and gas well sites owned by Samson Cree Nation. Staff training, membership fees and workshops for employees to ensure liability of employees pertaining to services provided.

Cree Tribal Administration (CTA) Maintenance
Programs and services include the following: maintenance and repairs to all Samson Cree Nation buildings in the areas of janitorial services, heating and air conditioning, SCN owned vehicles for department, and minor/major repairs to SCN buildings. Includes the external upkeep of lawns, flower beds, etc..

Community & Capital Planning Department contact information
Phone: (780) 585-3793 ext. 275
Fax: (780) 585-2156
Toll Free: 1-800-661-2579